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The Pro Shop

 DR3 Competition (18/06/2012)

Due to the poor weather conditions last weekend, The Pro’s Day was cancelled. The new date for The Pro’s Day is this Saturday 23rd June. The tee times you had for last Saturday will remain the same for this Saturday. You must confirm to Zorro if you are still playing.

Due to this change of dates, we have had to push the David Robertson 3 Club Challenge back to the 28th of July.

Returns Update (18/06/2012)

Returns have been updated to include the new June page along with an update of the Best 7. Check the latest standings in the Best 7 by clicking the pint of beer.

Zorro takes Route 66 (11/06/2012)

Zorro achived a caree best, shooting a gross 66, with halves of 34 and 32. Up until now, the best the Ex-Champion had shot round Drumpellier was 69. The notoriuosly bad putter turned his stats on their head with only 9 putts on the back nine. His 66 was even more remarkable considering he double bogeyed the 12th, taking 2 to get out the bunker. However a birdie birdie finish was enough to give him his clickety click.

Returns Update (11/06/2012)

Returns have been updated to include the new June page along with an update of the Best 7. Zorro’s 66, nett 58 has made a big impact on the Best 7, so check the latest standings by clicking the pint of beer.

Returns Update (21/05/2012)

Returns have been updated to include the Vice Presidents Prize Medal round along with an update of the Best 7.

Returns Update (13/05/2012)

Returns have been updated to include the Spring Classic and 1st Championship Qualifier. Go to the May page to see the latest scores. Click on the Pint to see who has returned to the top of the Best 7, a position he has held for over 3 years....................

Manolito Reigns at Kings Acre (13/05/2012)

Horrendous weather conditions were no barrier to Mnaolito, who lifted his first Major trophy in the Spring Classic. Click HERE for details

Rugby Boys Savour the Turkish Delights (09/05/2012)

Tom and Hugh joined up with The Young Ones Turkisk tour this year, Click HERE to see some photos and details of the tour.

Kings Acre (07/05/2012)

This years Spring Classic is at Kings Acre. Zorro is the organiser, so make sure your clubs are clean and tour outfits are suitable co-ordinated. Bus leaves the club at 7.25am SHARP.

Arthurs Jubilent Round (07/05/2012)

Arthur Craig, a new member to the group this year, booked his place in the Jubilee Final on the first time of asking. A Nett 69 was enough to win the third class. The conditions were so tough, that the CSS was 72, which cut Arthur from 22 to 20.

Bowl of Cheer for Adam (07/05/2012)

Adam Moran finally came good and won the first Silverware up for grabs at Drumpellier this year. Adam struggled with his game last year, but a stunning total of 44 points secured the Paterson Bowl. Adam followed up his succes with a Nett 67 in the following medal. Unfortunately we do not have a photo of Adam as yet, his father had promised to submit one but we are still waiting. The webnaster recently had a chat with the Handicap convenor regarding Adam’s handicap. There is no longer the Rule 19 option, but Slasher McGibbon assures us that Adam is firmly in his sights come the end of year handicap review.

Gunslinger Slays All Comers (30/08/2011)

Pistol Pete shot down all challengers to secure the Autumn Tour Shield. Click HERE for all scores and stories.

Website and Returns Update (30/08/2011)

Full web site update. July Sheet has been finalised and the Best 7 have been updated.

Golfer McCabe in Championship Success (30/08/2011)

Pablo Tel Aviv was the only Rugby Boy to have success at the Club Championship. With a 3, 3, 3 finishPaul secured a 4 ball at Celtic Manor, the scene of last years Ryder Cup victory. Paul is officially the most popular guy around. Zorro is having a flashback to Hong Kong................

Ex RAF Joins SS (30/08/2011)

Contrary to other web sites, we can confirm our very own Treacle has won the Sandy Sinclair. After a super morning round, Treacle held on in the afternoon to win by one shot. Treacle becomes the second Rugby Boy to win the SS after Pinky won it back in 1999.

On the Crail Trail (01/08/2011)

Oor Wullie played in a competition at Crail the weekend before last and shot some of his best golf of the year. Thats really saying something, because Wull currently lies 3rd in the “The Volvo Amatuer Golf Tour” only 1 shot behind the leader and already qualified for the British Final. Click on the link below to go to the Order of Merit Table.

( http://www.volvogolf.co.uk/tour/tourmerittable.aspx?S=a8a52829-432e-4fc5-948f-966a3d3347c6 )

But it was at Crail that Wull lowered his handicap yet again, after shooting 4 over on the Craighead course on the Saturday for a 3 round total of 221 (level par), he went out in the final group on Sunday over the Balcomie course. 3 birdies and 3 bogeys for a level par score was only good enough to secure second place, the bonus was that he was cur to 3 handicap, the lowest of his career. The eventual winner shot 2 under par 67, winning by 2 shots. In an exclusive interview, Wull told the website “Had my chances but could not sink the important puts and my partner did “

Wull carried his good form onto last weekend, shooting a gross 70, 1 under par, for a nett 67, cutting his handicap further, to 2.7. His playing partner confessed that the 70 could have easily been much better, with Wull’s achiles heel, the putter, letting the big man down again, leaving several birdie putts just short.


An understandibly jubilant Wull met Zorro in the car park after his round, and just before Zorro took to the fairways. I am told there was a certain amount of good natured banter with Wull letting Zorro know in no uncertain terms “who was the Daddy” when it came to the lowest handicapper in the section. Wull currently has the mark of Zorro after defeating him and his brother Al in the Marley Challenge at Airdrie. A confident Zorro then went out and also shot a gross 70, nett 67, to cut his handicap to 2.5. The banter is sure to continue, especially with the Championship coming up this weekend.

Congratulations alos go out to Pistol Pete and the Shugmeister shooting 68 and 69 respectively to finish 1st and 2nd in the 3rd Class and book their place in the Buchanan Final.

Website and Returns Update (01/08/2011)

Full web site update. July Sheet has been finalised and the Best 7 have been updated.

Website and Returns Update (27/07/2011)

Full web site update. July and the Best 7 have been updated.

Website and Returns Update (26/07/2011)

Just a quick web site update. June scores are all updated. July and the Best & have been updated to the 17th July.

Website Update (31/05/2011)

We have experienced a few technical problems over the last couple of weeks. These seem to be resolved now and hopefully you are now fully up-to-date.

Rugby Boys go Head-to-Head in National Tournament (31/05/2011)

A Drumpellier v Airdrie battle looms on the horizon with Zorro and Wee Al pitching up against Willie and Geo in the third round of the Marley Challenge. No date has been fixed yet, but we will keep you updated with the result.

The Big Sissy Bridesmaids (31/05/2011)

Pistol Pete and Zorro made it all the way through to the final of the Winter Matchplay, after defeating Pip and Treacle in the semi-final (which was Pip and Treacles first match in the tournament). The Big Sissys got off to a flyer, Zorro chips in at the first, through seven holes they are 2 under gross and 4 (four) up.However Zorro’s short game, which has been very poor this year, was yet again posted missing. The bold duo managed to lose the match on the last green.

May Returns & Best 7 Update (31/05/2011)

With the month of May now complete, the May Returns are now finalised. The Best 7 is also updated.

El hoyo en Uno (15/05/2011)

El MIERCOLES pasado durante la medalla de Aniversario, Alexander aseguró una ambición para toda la vida, asegurando su primero jamás hoyo en uno. El hoyo quinto fue la escena de su logro, con sus socios que juegan, diciendo que fue increíblemente afortunado. Después dijo que sentía "Estupendo"

Spring Classic (15/05/2011)

The first Silverware of the season was awrded on Friday and it was a first time winner. After a gentle starter in the morning over the Keir course, it took a very steady nett par score over the Cawder course to secure the victory. Not a favourite but a well deserved victory for the Wingnut.

May Returns & Best 7 Update (15/05/2011)

Both sheets updated following the Saturday Medal and the Spring Classic

Spring Outing (09/05/2011)

This Friday will see the first piece of Silverware for the season handed out. The Grey Goose has organised this years outing and we head back to Cawder G.C. The perenial favourite, but always the bridesmaid, Zorro, has hit a rich vein of form just at the right time, heading up the Best 7 Leader board. The Grey Goose, Mr Consistent is sure to be in the Shake up. My money goes on Pinky to retain the cup.

Bus leaves at 7:15am, so be there sharpe as Comrade McGhooo is wanting to reinact the final scene from The Scottish Play “where MacDuff beheads MacBeth, thus fulfilling the last of the witches prophecies”. Once we get that done and dusted, we can have a wee drink.

Tuesday Raffle (09/05/2011)

Raffle night on Tuesday, so be there before 6:30pm and make sure your name is in the box.

May Returns & Best 7 Update (09/05/2011)

Both sheets updated following the Saturday Medal. It was the first of the two Qualifiers for the Club Champo and the SS.

Zorro shot a brilliant 1 under par, his putter working perfectly for a change. McCabe Younger (74) and Grey Goose (75) also guaranteed their paces in the Champo.

Pip (69), Pinky (70), Wee Al (70) and Wingnut (71) look to have secured their SS places.

Tuesday Raffle (24/04/2011)

Raffle night on Tuesday, so be there before 6:30pm and make sure your name is in the box.

Royal Wedding & Free Saturday (24/04/2011)

There are a few guys going out on Friday around 1pm, if you fancy a game, drop Zorro an email, so we can wait for you. Everybody welcome to join in.

Saturday the 30th is a free medal day. It was planned for the pairs, but this has been postponed until later in the calander. Again an number of guys are planning on Saturday, so same as above drop Zorro an email.

April Returns & Best 7 Update (24/04/2011)

Both sheets updated following the Saturday Medal. McCabe Younger (but does not have any more hair) made a winning return to the course. Pauls 68 placed him 4th in the 1st Class with Zorro 6th with his 70. Pinky finished 4th in the 2nd Class, also with a 70. After the Grey Goose picking up 3 two’s last week it was left to Paul (5th), Pinky (12th) and Pistol (14th) to pick up some cash.

April Returns & Best 7 Update (04/04/2011)

After Saturdays first Medal over the full course, there was a very mixed bag of returns. Pinky scored 39 points to finish 3rd overall. Zorro was the only other decent score with 33 points. The Comrades impressive start to the season seems to have faltered already. Last weeks nett 65 looks a distant memory, scoring a miserly 23 points. However this was only 2 worse than Wingnut McCabe and 3 worse than The Bowser. The Best 7 has a familiar look to it already, with The Champion from the last 2 years sitting on top after only 2 rounds. Is there a challenge out there, can the fancied high handicap challenge from Pip Moran come to fruition, or can the ever steady Zorro and Grey Goose mount a serious bid?

Spring Classic (28/03/2011)

All 12 places for the Spring Classic have now been filled. For those who have been succesful, check all the details on the Outings page. It has all the details of pick up times and drop off times at the Clubhouse and the tee off times.

Season Starter (28/03/2011)

Last Saturday saw the start of the new season with The Comrade winning by 8 shaots. There was a first for the Section, we had a LadyRugbyBoy turn up on Saturday. Ohh No, it wasn’t Treacle Gray who turned up in a skirt, well not this week anyway, it was Rhona, taking her bow on the White Course. Check all the scores on the Returns page for this years scores. The last group out on Saturday allowed the group behind them to play through and promptly lost 4 holes. Only coincicdence I’m sure, but Treacle Gray was among the stragglers.

Good News Story (28/03/2011)

It’s great to start the year with a good news story - The Comrade (Shugmeister) was succesful in his attempt to join the Politburo. He confirmed to me on Saturday, that he is enjoying his new found responsibilties immensely “all you need to do is hold a pen in one hand and a jug of Best in the other, Simples”.

Winter Golf (08/02/2011)

Winter golf returns updated from last Saturday

Air Farce Ace Crash & Burns (24/01/2011)

1973 saw the match that was tagged “The Battle of the Sexes”. Bobby “Treacle” Riggs challenged the No.1 Ladies tennis player, Billie Jean King, stating that even the best lady in the world could not beat him, a 55 year old Male Chauvinist Pig. The match took place in the Houston Astrodome and was watched the world over by millions of viewrers. Riggs taunting of the female race would return to haunt him, when BJK beat him easily 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 for a humiliating defeat. Which brings us on to our own Bobby Riggs, Treacle Gray.

Treacle Riggs Chauvanisticly threw down the golf challenge to Rhona, who is now a frail and delecate little creature who even carries her own bag round the course. As the round unfolded, Riggs is 2 up at the turn and cruising. Male superiority comments launched with every shot. It should be pointed out, that both players play off a handicap of 18, so the challenge was off bare feet, so Riggs was not getting any shots from Rhona. Going over 10 Riggs lights up the celebratory cigar, ala Dazzer Clarke, which proved to be all too premature. While Riggs crumbled on the back 9, Rhona maintained her form and shot 27 points on the back 9 for a comfortable and well deserved victory.

Gordon’s AmAm (08/02/2011)

Although the calander for the coming year is still to be confirmed, we can confirm that the date for the Annual British Heart Fund Raising Event, run in the memory late friend, will be Thursday the 2nd of June. Get the date in your diaries and get your tems organised.

AGM & Prize Presentation (08/02/2011)

Last Saturday saw the AGM held in the clubhouse and Wee Al starting his tenure as Section captain. Photos of the event can be found on the Photos Page.

Winter Golf (30/01/2011)

Winter golf returns updated from last Saturday

Spring and Autumn Golf Outing Details (30/01/2011)

Full details of this years outings can be found on the Outings page.

Office Bearers (30/01/2011)

With the AGM less than a week away, we have added a new page, which honours our past Office Bearers. This new page can be found in the Hall of Fame.

Pro Shop Website (24/01/2011)

Ian in the Pro Shop has launched his own website, with loads of valuable information about the shop, the club and past champions. Lots of information on the Rules of Golf, especially for “Riggs”. So go and have a look and get it bookmarked into your favourites.


I was so fat I couldn’t even bend to pick up a golf ball (24/01/2011)


This story could have been about almost anyone in our group, well almost anyone except Jake perhaps. In fact, it was about Zorro’s wife Rhona. She has lost an amazing 6 stones and her handicap has dropped from 24 to 18. Just to prove it takes more than dieting to improve your golf, Zorro has lost over a stone and his handicap has gone up! Anyway, Rhona’s remarkable story made the front page of the Evening Times, and anyone who has not seen it, can click on this link to view it - http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/features/editor-s-picks/i-was-so-fat-i-couldn-t-even-bend-to-pick-up-a-golf-ball-1.1080623 During the Saturday round of golf, the Alchemist was heard to comment “When I picked up the Evening Times and saw a picture of Rhona on the front of it - I thought - Oh God she’s finally gone and done it, she’s killed Zorro”. Rhona’s dramatic transformation is paying dividends, she recently embarassed the Air Farce Ace with a humiliating defeat on the golf course, see report above. Good Luck Rhona

Winter Golf (24/01/2011)

Winter golf returns updated from last Saturday

Winter Golf (14/11/2010)

Winter golf returns updated from last Saturday

On Course Burger Van at Drumps? (05/11/2010)

We can exclusively reveal, thanks to my insider on the committee, tha club is looking to provide on course catering to the membership. It is expected that the van will be sited at the back of the 16th green to catch as much traffic as possible. It will be servinghot drinks, hot filled rolls and snacks, everything the winter golfer desires. There will be a mobile number to call `Ahead’ for hot food orders. Although not clear what the thinking was behind this innovative move, there has been strong suggestions that the Winter Matchplay pairing of Treacle Gray and Paint Dry Moran, was the motivating factor.

Ferguson in World Final Bid (05/11/2010)

We have just had an update direct from Val de Lobo, with the result of the British Final of the Volvo Masters Amatuer Golf (http://www.volvogolf.co.uk ). Big Wull qualified for the final, after finishing 5th over the season. The top 5 from the final go forward to the World final, held in Dubai. Bill started strongly on Day 1, and was in 3rd position after scoring 36 points. Day 2 proved very frustrating and with 26 points ended up with 26 points and 33rd place, missing out on the World Final

Winter Golf Returns (05/11/2010)

After 3 weeks of golf, the leaders are starting to separate themselves from the field. Auld Wull took a week off to let the rest of us close the gap a bit, but he is still leading. Check out the scores on the returns page.

Winter Golf (05/11/2010)

It’s 8:50 sharp this Saturday morning. The boys got round in a rather sluggish 3 hrs 10mins last week, so we will be looking for a quicker time, if no hold ups.

Winter Golf (20/10/2010)

The summer seaon has now come to a close, so it is now Winter Golf. Once the clocks go back, at the end of October, The Boys will be teeing off at 9am. But until then the tee times contimues at lunch time, the Secretary will advise tee off times until the start of November.

2010 AGM (20/10/2010)

After the recent flurry of emails, you may be forgiven for wondering exactly when the AGM will be held. Well, we can exclusively reveal that it is currently the 5th February 2011. The plan is the play in the Winter Medal, teeing off at 12 Noon, AGM at around 4pm and the Prize Presentation Ceremony at 5pm. There may or may not be an oppertunity to watch France v Scotland (5pm K.O.). Then it is off for a curry and beers. So, get the date in your diary, but remember, make sure you use a pencil...............

The Grey Goose Double (20/10/2010)

We previously reported that Oor Wullie had achieved the distinction of qaulifying for two Matchplay finals. Well it is with great pleasure and pride that we can report that Wille completed a quite remarkable double, winning both finals. Congratulations Big Stuff.

Returns Updated (20/10/2010)

The summer season has now been concluded, with the September and October sheets posted.

The final Best 7 sheet is also posted, with all the details of the tightest finish for years. So check the sheet to find out who has qualified for the Summer Matchplay next year, who were tied in first place, and how the Champion Golfer for the year was decided.


Returns Updated (21/09/2010)

Usual weekly sheet updates, The September sheet along with an updated Best 7.

A Ferguson Double ? (06/09/2010)

Fresh from his Grouse Trophy success at Kinross G.C. during the Rugby Boys Autumn Tour, Our Wull has racked up a couple of notable victories in the last week. He defeated Colin Mason 2&1in the Semi-final of the Gartsherrie Cup to reach the final, where Sandy Hunter awaits. Sandy is currently off 12, with Willie giving away 8 shots. Willie then played Andrew Clark in the Semi-final of the Matt Reid Putter yesterday, following the Open Mixed Fours at Drumpellier, taking four and a half hours to complete. The time taken was obviously worth it, with Willie making it through to his second final in a week. His opponent has still to be decided.

A great achievement, and the very best of luck in both finals big stuff.

Gerry’s Mixed Form (06/09/2010)

There was a welcome return to form for Gerry over the weekend,

he shot 95 in the Am-Am on Saturday. However on the Sunday,

with the able assistance of the former Pro’s wife, Gerry and Alison

scored 41 points and finished 3rd in the Drumpellier Open Mixed.

Congratulations, Alison, you must have played really well.



Will the Real Pressie Please Step Forward (06/09/2010)

Has anyone seen the real McSquirt recently? We believe he may be a victim of an alien abduction! Traditionally one of the most consistent performers and always in the running for the sweeps, he has been miles off the pace in recent weeks. Last Saturdays 98 was his tenth round in a row, where he has failed to break 90, the last time he did that was on the 31st July. In that run he has shot a100 and a 105. Not like him at all, and he HAS been getting lessons during this baron spell. Perhaps it would be a little indiscreet to name his golfing coach. Get back on rails soon, and get rid of those Nordic Poles and get some of your golf clubs back in the bag.

Returns Updated (06/09/2010)

Usual weekly sheet updates, The September sheet along with an updated Best 7.

Zorros’ Weekend of Golfing Woe! (30/08/2010)

Zorro left the Autumn Tour in a hurry, after the Saturday rounds were complete. He headed back home, to rest up and prepare well for his matchplay semi-final on the Sunday at Drumpellier. He was playing Old Man Alan Ferguson and was hot favoutite to progress the final, especially showing such good form around Taymouth Castle, shooting a gross 67 in the afternoon round. Alas, all his hopes and aspurations crumbled, with the Old Man 4 up through 11, Zorro got it back to all square through 16, lost the 17th and meekly bogeyed the 18th to losse by 1 hole. His anguish was compounded further, Zorro had driven home on the Saturday evening with all the trophies for the Autumn Tour Weekend in the boot of his car, making it a trophylees presentation at Kinross.

Bowie Boy Bags a Baggie (30/08/2010)

Although it is a bit old news, we could not let Bowsers achievement go unmentioned. While playing Westerwood in the alternative Rugby Boys club championship, the local lad aced the 15th, Westerwoods signature hole, for his first hole-in-one. Congratulations big stuff, we’re still waiting on the drink mind you. The website is reliabley informed that the big chap has a picture of the hole, along with his achievement, pinned up on his wall at the office. Sado or what.

Matchplay Winner (30/08/2010)

Zorros’ week of golfing hell continued when he took on Alejandro in the matchplay final, last Wednesday night. Zorro shot 5 birdies, 2 bogeys for 3 under par gross, only good enough for 2nd place. When he was recalling his tale of golfing woe (again) a voice could be heard signing from the locker room .....That's life, that's what all the people say,You're riding high in April, Shot down in August...

Autumn Tour Details (30/08/2010)

This years tour to Pitlochry was a huge success, with many thanks going to the tour organiser, Wingnut. A bit of a shock on the Friday, with a Stableford score of 42 points securing the Spirit of Friendship Trophy. The Grouse, Weekend Shield and Bum Badge all went to different winners. So, to find out the winners and losers, click on the The Autumn Tour page for all the details

Returns Updated (30/08/2010)

After the annual outing all the sheets have been updated, and with August complete, we are fast approaching the sharp end of the season. The race for the Best 7 is getting ever closer with just a couple of rounds remaining.

Presidents Prize (30/08/2010)

The annual Presidents Prize was contested and it was that man Z once again collecting the silverware. Full reults have been posted on the returns page.

Returns Updated (15/08/2010)

After the Club Champo and the Sandy Sinclair, Best 7 and the August Sheet have been updated

Returns Updated (06/07/2010)

The July Sheet has been completed and uploaded, along with the Best 7 and the new August Sheet

Hall of Fame (06/07/2010)

The Rugby Boys Hall of Fame and Shame has been updated, so it is bang slap up to date with our Pairs winners for 2010 proudly displayed.

Returns Updated (06/07/2010)

The July Sheet has been updated to correct the Average Nett scores, which were reflecting that we were better golfers than our ability allows us to be. This correction makes no difference to any individual scores, so your nett scores remain the same along with the Best 7.

Returns Updated (05/07/2010)

The Best 7 sheet has been updated to include all scores. Zorro had to go through all the scores after some jiggery pokery was spotted on his sheets. He had missed 2 better scores on one persons seven and a whole raft of scores on Captain Jake. It is always worth keeping a close eye on your scores, after all, he has been atop the leader board all summer, we wonder why...........

The Oldest Swingers Scoop Pairs Competition (04/07/2010)

This years Pairs competition was played yesterday. It culminated in an extremely close finish, with the winners being decided only after a better inward nine count back. Six teams contested the spoils with only 4 shots covering the field. Check out all the scores in the returns section.

Returns Updated (04/07/2010)

July Sheet added. Best Seven scores have still to be updated to take these scores into account.

Zorro the Prophet (28/06/2010)

Disppaointed at his handicap rising to 4 (actual 3.5) Zorro prophocised that he would shoot 69 in the Sunday Cup and get back to 3. Sure enough he shoots 69, 5 shots better than anyone else in the field and gets cut to 3.0. The only blip on the day was loosing the Sunday Cup by one shot. All the hard work was done on the front nine, reaching the turn 3 under and coming home in 1 over.

Rugby Boys Pairs Competition (28/06/2010)

Remember it is the Rugby Boys Pairs competition. Zorro will issue an email confirming meeting time and tee off time. The draw, as always, will be made immediately prior to tee off, so, be there on time.

Returns Updated (28/06/2010)

June Sheet finalised and Best Seven updated.

Rugby Boys Team Photos (28/06/2010)

In the Photos section, are images of the Rugby Boys Team that competed in Gordon’s AmAm. Worth a sneaky peak.

Championship Qualifiers (28/06/2010)

The qualification sheets for the Club Championship and Sandy Sinclair have been posted on the notice board. It was a a disappointing quota in the end with only Zorro, Paul and Willie making the cut. Kris and Pinky missed the cut by one shot, 82 being the cut off score. All the rest of the guys made it into the Sandy Sinclair, well all except one, who is on the reserve list. No need to name names, but third place on the reserve list should see him in.

Summer Matchplay (21/06/2010)

Only one Quarter Final tie is outstanding, Sandy v Kris. the winner of the tie will complete the Semi-Final line up, with Tommy awaiting the winner. The other Semi-Final features Pistol v Zorro.

This Saturday is a free Medal day, hopefully the guys can get it played, before the weather breaks for the rest of the summer.

Border Raiders (21/06/2010)

Some of the Rugby Boys and Girls headed down to Antrobus at the weekend, for the second of what is hopefully becoming an annual event. The long drive to Cheshire proved no barrier to Zorro, who shot a Course Record by a Scot of 69, 1 under par. the Chemist was also in fine form with a Section 64 on the Saturday. The Mini-Competition was played over 2 rounds, one on each day of the weekend. Captain Jake was crowned the overall winner with an excellent stableford score of 40 points on the Sunday and a Section Score of 63 to pip The Chemist and Zorro. This was the skippers 6th round in 3 days, those new insoles must be really working. Gerrys Disco photos to follow.......

Red Cross 

Mrs. Secretary, Rhona Elspeth Smith, presents Captain Jake with his Red Cross parce, smuggled across the border, his reward for winning the ‘Antrobus Anglo Challenge’ at the weekend.

“Elspeth” is a Scottish given name, which is similar to Elizabeth.

Ball Strike (21/06/2010)

Oor Wullie escaped a serious injury during the Pairs Competiton on Saturday. Having just played his second to the third green and approaching the green side bunker with his three playing partners, he was struck on the full, by a drive from the third tee. Fortunately, if thats the correct phrase, the ball struck his check bone. As Wullie says “an inch higher I would be in hospital, an inch lower I would be at the Dentisit” He advises that he has no lasting effects, except for the Keecher that has blossomed around his eye, “the first in eleven years, since I gave up playing rugby” he tells me. Best of luck in the Volvo Competition at Carnoustie this week and enjoy your trip to Phoenix, Big Stuff.

Returns Updated (21/06/2010)

June Sheet, Best Seven and Matchplay sheets updated.

Returns Updated (09/06/2010)

May Sheet, June Sheet and Best Seven updated

Spring Classic (09/06/2010)

Wee Al organised a very successful Spring outing to West Lothian Golf Club, where the winner was a first time winner of the trophy. Click on the Spring Claasi link in the month of May to see the full list of results.

Moran Comes of Age (18/05/2010)

It seems clear, that after many hours on the range with Zorro, Pip Moran has finally made his big breakthrough. After 3 medal rounds in 2010, Pip was getting increasingly frustrated by his inability to break the ton. However last Saturday saw Pip not only break 100 but also the ninety barrier. His nett 62 was good enough to win the medal by 3 shots and see his handicap cut from 25 to 21.7. Stick at it Pip and you could end up with a swing like Gerrys’.

Returns Updated (18/05/2010)

May Sheet and Best Seven updated

Returns Updated (09/05/2010)

Early season pace setter, Ace Gray, retains his position at the top of the Best Seven charts with 3 scores in the red.

 Yesterday was the 2nd Championship/Sandy Sinclair Qualifier. Smith(77) and Ferguson(78) look to have secured their places in the Championship. Currently sitting in qualification places are P. McCabe(82), Neilson(83), K. Ross(83) and G.McCabe(84), although with 2 further qualifying rounds still to take place, their places are by no means guaranteed

The Brace of Ace (09/05/2010)

’ACE’ Gray has been at it again. Just like a Corporation bus, you wait 45 years, and then 2 come along at the same time. Well done once again Bob, just the 5th and 12th to bag.

Matchplay Update (06/05/2010)

A couple of ties have been completed in the Matchplay Competition. To find out who the semi-finalists are, go to the Matchplay 2010 page.

The remaining ties have to be played by the end of May.

Returns Updated (29/04/2010)

Not surpisingly, Zorro sits top of the Best Seven table with Bowser the onbly other to complete 5 scoring rounds. Click on the pint to go to the results page.

RAF’s Ace in the Hole (19/04/2010)

With planes grounded over the weekend, due to the Icelandic Volcanic dust clouds, it was our own frequent flyer who was on cloud 9. The Club Captain recently wrote about his lifetime achievement of holing his second shot at the 4th hole last year. But that now pales into insignificance after his exploits on Saturday. 14th hole, 8 iron, high draw and the ball bounces once, twice and then disappears into the hole. His first hole in one

Congratulations Robert ‘ACE’ Gray from all the boys

Tuesday Raffle (19/04/2010)

Remeber, there is no raffle this Tuesday night (20/04/10).

April Medals (19/04/2010)

The Summer Medal season has well and truly kicked off. The 3rd of April saw the first Competition, the Paterson Bowl where Wull was only beaten by a better inward half, scoring 41 points.

Next up was the Greensomes competition with Pistol Pete and Wingnut McCabe coming 4th with a nett 66, only one shot behind the winners.

Saturday the 17th April was the Vice Captains Prize best returns were Pinky 4th in the 2nd Class, Zorro 7th in the 1st Class and Pistol 17th in the 3rd Class.

Remember all Club scores can be found on Masterscoreboard website. If you do not know how to logon, then contact Zorro by phone or email, and he will sort you out.

Autumn Outing and Winter Matchplay (01/03/2010)

The semi-finalists have now been settled for the Winter Matchplay, so go and check who they are.

Zorro has issued the details of the Autumn Weekend Tour, but for those of you who has deleted the email, details can be found on the outings page.

General Update (24/02/2010)

The first update for a couple of months. The Winter League standings are now up to date and with only a few days to the matchplay cut off, it seems to be tied up for the semi-finals. Check the page for all the scores.

A new page has been added, Gordon’s Am Am. If you have not pledged your support to the event yet, then click here and contact Graham.

If you need any details for the Spring Outing to West Lothian Golf Club, then just click here to go to the Spring Classic page.

Returns Update (01/12/2009)

November has now been completed and we are now one third of the way through the Winter Season The sheet has been update, so check out the scores and see who is leading .

AGM and Prize Presentation (30/11/2009)

The Annual General Meeting was held in the clubhouse on Friday 27th November. Once the new committee was voted in and business concluded, it was time for the Prizes to be handed out. You can see the Major Prize winners by clicking HERE.

AGM Notice (18/11/2009)

The Secretary has issued the AGM notification by email. It will be held in the clubhouse on Friday 27th November. Meet at the clubhouse at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start. Remember, we breaking with tradition this year, there will be no meal.

News Page Is Back (18/11/2009)

Hi Guys, the News page is back, and we will attempt to keep you up-to-date with scores and news items over the winter period.

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